Best Movie Posters Designs of 2014

Each year IMP Awards picks out the best movie posters post on their design, and how it relates to the message and elements of the film.  Here are some that have stood out against the pack.  Do you agree to their choices?

Genre: Best Action Movie poster

Winner- The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
You can see from the poster Smaug’s destructive power and his evil grin but the lone archer is not afraid to stand its way, and the clamness behind him created a great contrast before the two.


Honorable mention

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Best Drama Movie Poster

Winner – Birdman
At first glance it seems to be very simple, but Keaton flowing off the ground makes viewers wonder what it is look at. Also you can see the other characters in the posters nearby are all staring at him while actual pedestrians do not even notice him. Which goes well with the theme of the film itself, “The unexpected virtue of ignorance”


Honorable Mentions

Fury – War Never Ends Quietly


Gone Girl


Best Teaser Poster

Winner – Interstellar “Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”

Beginning from a farm house in the film’s quiet beginning, it went big launching into space as the poster has shown like a rocket firing up from ground up.


Honorable mention

X-Men – Days of Future Past
It is smart how it fuses together the young and old Magneto together to tell the story of the film title just by looking at the poster


The Lego Movie

What shows more than legos being assemble on the poster?


Best TV Poster

Winner – Fargo
This TV poster reminds the viewer of the original Fargo movie with its red color and the hand stitched style


Honorable mention
American Horror Story




Best Horror Movie Poster

The Remaining“After the rapture There are fates worse than death”


Honorable Mentions

The Quiet Ones


Oculus – “You see what you want to see”


Best Comedy Movie Poster

Winner – The Interview


Honorable Mention

Don Hemingway


Best Animation Movie Poster

Winner – How To Train Your Dragon 2


Best Documentary Poster

Winner – Art and Craft


Honorable Mention

For No Good Reason


Special Edition Movie Poster Award

Winner – Interstellar 


Honorable Mention

Men. Women & Children – “Discover How Little You Know About the People You Know”


Worst Movie Poster Award

Winner Chef – Did they just photoshop everyone’s head together?


Worst Movie tagline ever award

Winner – Moo Moo and the Three Witches “Let the Magic Meow You”

I know it is a cat, and it is cute, but really!?! it is no fault of the cat though.


Honorable Mention

The Signal – “R U Agitated?”

Who will want to go to a movie because of that?


The Sparks Men never kissed award

It has been a trend for all the Nicholas Sparks movies that the men can’t kiss the girl in the poster, they almost did, but not quite. Just like Safe Haven, The Lucky One, Nights in Rodanthe, and The Notebook


Other posters had some great marketing ideas that made you think and smile.

Bad Words  – what word are they referring to?

bad_words_ver2 bad_words_ver3 bad_words_ver4

For a complete list of winners and awards, you can go check it out at


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