How Art is Healing the Sick

Can we measure the value of art?

For the world's more full of weeping than we understand

With the tremendous raise of mental health issues, people are searching for new ways and treatment to fill their spiritual emptiness.  Various types of therapy like the use of play, music and art have become very popular and raised to the occasion to help treat people of various ages in post-traumatic stress disorder for soldiers returning from war, to children with terminal diseases as well as depression and autism .  Questions are being asked as to the actual effectiveness of any of them or rather there are any scientific proof.

BBC recently did a series on called “The Power of Art” and explore how much the society value art.  In the interviews, a nine year old leukaemia patient, who gone through chemotherapy for three and a half years since the age of 5, taken an estimated 8000 pills, have absolutely no doubts when it comes to the power of art therapy. In his own words,

 “Cause when you are feeling sick, it helps to take your mind off whatever you are going through, makes you feel like you can really do anything”

That alone is priceless and worth more than any scientific research.  We need to give more support and awareness on how art can heal the sick, not just on the body, but mind and soul.


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