The Artist Project 2013: Be Inspired to Draw, Create and Paint

The Artist Project is a place where local contemporary artists have a chance to showcase their work and I was really amazed at the quality of work that some of them processed.  It gave me a whole new persepective on the level of Canadian art compare to other European countries and I have to say we are not to be looked down on. And the great thing about TAP is that you get to talk with the artists and talk to them in person about their work and most of them… most of them are really friendly and welcoming…

Here is to some artists that have caught my eyes throughout the show…

Erin Rothstein was born in Montreal who developed her skills when studying and drawing aboard in Italy.  The amount of detail and focus that was put into each of her painting is just mind-boggling.



Vince Beauchemin‘s manga style paintings immediately draws one’s attention to the lonely protangist’s emotions through the facial expressions and the sorrow hopeless eyes starring into spaces and beyond.  In all of the paintings the characters are without a way to voice out by the omission of their mouth which enhances the painting’s feelings of isolation along with the dark, grey tone. It is pretty emo for those who love these styles.


Marie Elaine Lalonde‘s print making using media found in organic objects, paintings, photos, silk screen, laser engraving brings a whole other level of what next generation of print making will be like.



One of my fav. from the show and ones that I wish I can bring some of her work home really is Tanya Kirouac‘s encaustic paintings.  Encaustic means “to heat” or “to burn”. In Tanya’s paintings, beeswax are hand sculpted into flowers, pigmented wax were used as hot paint building layers upon layers.  “I love the translucence and delicacy and possibility of encaustic. It is scraped away and carved. It is bullied. It is gently applied. It is heated and cooled and scraped some more. It lets me work quickly and slowly in a process that is organic and inspired. It is violent and it is loving and, to me, it’s the same as nature, it’s the same as love. It’s a medium with its own force.”  Image


Last but never the least is Christine Kim‘s elegant layering of cut paper collage with paper cutouts, watercolors, strings, hand-drawings and various mediums astonishingly put together to tell a haunting story in the limited but vast space of the canvas exploring darkness and loneliness.Image

ImageYou can see her work process in the studio.


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